What we’re about

We provide our clients with user-centric web and mobile solutions. We can provide either a specific service to complete your project or full end-to-end design and build services.

Everyone is different

Every business has different needs, so everyone needs a different solution. At Siso we don’t just use off-the-shelf solutions that try to fit everybody but usually end up fitting no-one. We provide businesses with custom solutions.

What we offer

Mobile Development

Need an app? Business application, utility or a game? We can help.

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Website Development

Anything from a simple one-page micro site to a full online business application.

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WordPress Themes

If you need a customised content management system, then Wordpress is the answer.

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Business Analysis

We can provide your business with an analyst that can cover both technical and business aspects.

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Interaction Design

A Siso Interaction Designer can complete the full scope of user experience design from information architecture through to wireframe designs.

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Technical Consultancy

We can help you with technical guidance on your next project, strategy exercise or proposal process.

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Why choose us?

We’re not geeks or nerds who only speak in incomprehensible techno-babble. Instead, we apply technology to deliver web and mobile solutions that improve the efficiency of your business and help you communicate more effectively.

We always put our clients first: we care about your reputation as much as we do about ours. It’s not about doing a good job – it’s about doing a great job.

Following initial analysis to understand the scope of a project we are happy to provide you with a fixed price quote so that you can plan ahead. We will provide you with a detailed statement of work with all costs upfront; we want everyone involved to have the same expectations.

We’ve developed and refined our methods over many years and can provide you with a defined waterfall or iterative approach. By having a defined approach, you’ll know what to expect from our services.

Technology is a wonderful, evolving thing. By keeping in touch with new and future technologies we can plan our solutions so that our clients get the most out of the technology available.

Projects need planning, but projects also evolve; scope and priorities change. By working closely with our clients we always try to efficiently deliver all solutions as quickly as possible, without affecting the overall design or functionality.

Latest News


June 24, 2015

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Siso are happy to announce the launch of our new app. After a busy few months working on client work we have finally had a bit of breathing room to allow for the release of our new app Across the seas. The app allows you to point your phone out to sea and find out […]


August 18, 2014

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Welcome to the brand new Siso website built on WordPress – do you like it? We’re always busy developing something, checking out what’s happening in the mobile world and coming up with great ideas for apps to make life a little easier or just for fun. So remember to check back in from time to […]