SHH BABY SHH – Case study


Shh Baby Shh was created by our designer to help his new born baby fall asleep, when he couldn’t find an app that suited his needs. The thing that was missing from all the white noise apps was the ability to auto-decrease the volume over time.  If you’ve ever tried to sneak unnoticed into a baby’s room, then you know that it isn’t ideal just to decrease the volume.

Many of the calming/white noise apps are designed to be played constantly throughout the night to change the sound of the baby’s sleeping environment. But eventually you’ll have to wean them off the background noise. Shh Baby Shh was designed to be simple and effective; it both targets the initial calming phase by enabling the parent to start the app at a higher volume and then automatically decreases the volume over time.

Automatically decreasing the volume means that you can start the app playing and then have both hands free to do other calming techniques like patting or rubbing your baby’s back, or gently rocking them back and forth.

But don’t take our word for it, here are some of the excellent reviews we have received:

Best money I’ve spent on my newborn son

“Took quite a few newborn care classes and each mentioned using white noise to soothe your baby. This app works miracles in my house. It instantly calms my newborn son when he is fussy, gassy, tired, etc. He doesn’t like to be burped after a feeding but this app calms him so that he doesn’t fight me when burping him which then prevents the gassiness. This then makes it easier to put him down to sleep which means mom & dad sleep. Thank you!”

5 stars, USA

So glad I found this

“This app has been essential for getting my newborn to sleep.”

5 Stars, Canada

Awesome app 

“Awesome app, particularly useful when we were travelling and bubs was a little unsettled. Good variety of sounds to choose from.”

5 Stars, New Zealand

This app saved my sanity!!!

“I put it on after every night feed and even if he’s not ready to sleep, my little boy lies calmly till he drifts off. He was screaming during the day and this had him snoozing in less than a minute! 

Iv told everyone I know with a baby! 

If u are desperate enough u r searching for apps that might help at 3am in tears (like I was), try it, you’ve nothing to lose (bar £0.69). It’s changed my life the last few days and broken the crappy sleeping cycle we were in. 

Whoever designed this THANK YOU! I owe u more than 5 stars!”

5 Stars, UK