Celebrating success


It is always important to celebrate success. Here at Siso we have a neat little way to do this. Mini figures.

Mini figure display
Mini figure display

Our successes range from new clients or projects. New product releases or hitting a target in the number of sales / downloads. Depending on the level of success we get between two and five mini figures.

For recent work we secured with Westpac we got Gizmo and Stripe from Gremlins, and Predator. When our founder, Dominic Rogers, secured a speaker role at UX New Zealand we celebrated with Thanos and Godzilla.

Mini figure display
Mini Figure Display

But choosing what we get isn’t always easy. Let’s have a look back at work we did with Ministry of Social Development (MSD). We helped their Information Management team with a deep dive analysis project. To celebrate we decided on Vincent Vega and Jules Winfield from Pulp Fiction. The only problem is there aren’t those characters available. It meant we had to do some clever mixing to achieve the figures.

Let’s start with Vincent. Body from Alfred, Batman’s butler, face from Arya Stark and hair from Dwayne, The Lost Boys.

Anatomy of Vincent Vega

Jules Winfield, had his challenges too. Body from Alfred and face from Aaron Cash, Batman. Hair was also from Aaron Cash although we did try a Bob Ross afro but it was just too big. Hands were an issue as Aaron Cash only has one hand (his other is a hook), and there was no spare. Luckily the Jawa, from Star Wars, had the same colour hand and came with a spare.

Anatomy of Jules Winfield

We were super happy with the result.

Jules and Vincent
Pulp Fiction Lego Figures

Although until now the choices have been made internally, who knows we may let our clients choose. What would you choose?

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It’s worth noting that not all the characters are official LEGO mini figures, so you have to go hunting for alternative sources.